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Buy or trade $100 USD worth of crypto within BRD and get a $25 Netflix gift card free!

You're an adult, quit using your | Netflix.
* Limit 1 per customer. Applies to all new buys and trades starting April 16th 2019, $25 Netflix gift card or equivalent in US dollars. Fulfillment will occur starting the first week of May.
Download BRD from App Store or Google Play and setup your wallet, no accounts needed. If you buy or trade $100 USD worth of crypto you qualify. It's that simple.
Email [email protected] your Rewards ID located under ( Menu → About → Rewards ID ). Copy it and use your preferred email app to send us a note.
Sit back and relax! Your gift card will come shortly and you can continue binge watching all your favorite Netflix series.
Transact within BRD.
Notify us.
Enjoy the gift.
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Transact. Get paid.
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